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Not Happy with the Service!

Why doesn't anyone understand?!!!

It is always very frustrating when you have an urgent need for money to resolve unexpected situation, whether it’s medical bills or overdue receivables; and the person on the other side of the phone doesn’t seem to understand how anxious you are feeling.

To be honest, you shouldn’t expect them to either because the consultants are not you; and they receive your type of calls on a daily basis. It is hard for them to always show empathise to their clients. You are essentially a stranger to them, until they get to know you better.

The industry norm

Any decent company would provide training to their consultants on how to interact and build trust with their clients. If the company has a proper performance indicator, your consultant should always be willing to understand and provide help. At the end of the day, their job could be on the line. So as distressed as you may feel at the moment, allow some time and small patient for your consultant to grasp a full picture of your situation first. Believe me, they can tell you are stress.

I want someone else

Now the consultant may have provided the service (at least they believed so), and you were not happy with it. May be they weren’t being helpful, may be their attitude was poor or may be everything they say or do just annoys you for no apparent reasons. By now, if you still want to continue with the same company, you can probably ask for a different consultant to serve you.

Just a tip, if you are not happy with the existing service; chances is your consultant will also think that you were just being difficult. If you want to receive a different experience, make sure you do not present any abusive behaviour. The next consultant will very likely to be on the side of their fellow colleague than on the same side as you especially when you get bad mouthed on your back. A new consultant means all misunderstanding is wiped clean, usually you will find the experience more pleasant than previous.

Bad taste won't go away!

There are times when the service was so poor that you want to escalate the matter. If you want anything to be done for you, either an apology or some form of compensation; you should always go through a proper channel. Any informal or inappropriate complaint (such as abusive verbal / written communication or publicly listed bad review before the matter was made known) will leave a poor record on your profile and you will almost always receive nothing in return; surely you wouldn’t want anyone to mark you as being unreasonable. Worst of all, you may never be welcomed back.

By lodging a formal complain, you are showing the intention to mutually resolve differences logically and within reasons. To lodge a formal complaint, you will usually need to forward an email or submit a complain form. Your complaint should be as detail as possible with supporting documents attached (if applies) and includes consultant’s name if needed. Once received, there will be investigation done on your profile to confirm the presented situation. The manager will need to review all matters from start to finish and may involve speaking to all related parties. This process will usually take 3-7 days or up to 14 days, and is definitely a painful time to wait. Don’t ever expect your call will be transfer to a manager because no manager will be able to provide an immediate resolution without a thorough understanding from both sides of the story.

If you did not receive any feedback within 14 days, you should call in (nicely) and ask any consultants to follow up on the matter. If there’s still no reply within the next 3-5 days, you may intensify this with a “warning” email notifying the company that you will contact external parties (i.e. any relevant resolution or government body) and by then, you should receive a respond; if not, proceed with contacting external resolution party.

Bottom line

Unless your goal is to make everyone’s life miserable, the company and your consultant at the end of the day just want to resolve matters; it’s part of the job. If you are able to withhold and control your immediately emotion (yes it is very frustrating and can be angering most of the time), and show them the reason of your complaint; your consultant will appreciate your help in making them a better person or that the company will appreciate that you have helped them to identify the source of their problem.