About Us

The Financial Doctor is a non-for-profit organisation that has been under operation for over 15 years. Throughout these years, the specialist team behind The Financial Doctor, has managed to collate and gather financial findings that have since contributed towards an extensive database of financial research and industry modelling analysis. Gathered financial information are collated and summarised into presentable resources that provide both businesses and every day individuals greater insights into the state of the industry. 


The purpose of The Financial Doctor is simple. By providing information obtained from primary sources; not only does it update the audience on the latest financial trends, but also provides actionable and practical tips to help businesses make informed decisions and enforce industry best practices. 


As a non-for-profit-media organisation, the vision of The Financial Doctor has been to empower our audience into understanding the state of the market so that they are able to make better well-informed decisions. The Financial Doctor also caters to industry specific financial needs, providing custom research and analysis to clients that require particular information to make better well-informed decisions.

Our services continue to make a long-lasting impact, with the delivery of our resources extending from virtual means and physical means. Our virtual mediums include our webpage, blogs, and references to other online resources. We distribute our services physically by regularly partaking in seminars, stall expos and conferences.